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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 17:20:35    Post subject:

 Isn't the 2 hour window for Sunday going to be a bit problematic for day/night cycle replication?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 16:49:25    Post subject: FC Event, Hide and Seek!

FC Event: Hide and Seek! 27/6 until 2/7 2017.

A three day event on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with a final on Sunday.
On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6pm server time there will be 4 pictures posted on the forums to be recreated. You have 12h to post your recreations, anything posted after this will be disregarded. After 12h the officer team and elders who are holding this event will look over recreations posted and the 3 top will go to the finals on Sunday and can not compete the other days. The winners of each day will be announced.

The Officers and two volunteer Elder will choose random spots in Eorzea where they will take a screenshot with no interface. The mission is for the players that are participating to find these locations. Once they found the spot the have to re-create the original screenshot and will be judged on accuracy of location, angle of camera, time of day and emote. With a maximum of 4 points per photo, meeting all of the requirements. The three players with the most criteria met in their photos for each day will compete on Sunday 2/7-2017 for the winning price.


  • Winning prize.

    • 1st. Lakshmi Barding and 1mil gil.

    • 2nd. Lakshmi Barding and 500.000 gil.

    • 3rd. Lakshmi Barding and 250.000 gil.



1. Find the spot and recreate it!
2. Pictures will be judged on accuracy of location, angle of camera, time of day and emote. (common emotes are used) If a criteria is met you get 1 point.
3. Screenshots are only in ARR area.
4. The areas are NOT in instances, dungeons, housing(area), MSQ, quests, and so on.
5. /gpose is allowed, no frames, no status, no color filter or screen effect. Lightning is accepted.
6. Every area is to be accessible from through normals ways, no hacks.
7. No helping or saying where a spot is, if caught you’ll be disqualified.



Sunday the finals!

The finals will be held on Sunday 2/7-2017. There will be 6 pictures total, one per officer/elder. This one is all about speed with a max time of 2h. The start is at 6PM server time. Find all photos and recreate them.

Judging will be as before. You'll have to plan out the screenshot if you want full score. This is not meant to be easy!



An Example of judging:

1.The picture to recreate.                                              2. Recreation.


The recreation picture would get one point for Location.
It is not the right time of day.
It's not the correct emote.
It's not the correct angle.
Total: 1 point.


An other example.

1. Picture to recreate.                                                   2. Recreation.


The recreation picture is in the correct location.

It's during the correct time of day.

It's not the correct emote.

It's in the correct angle.

Total: 3 points.


The Eventholders/Judges: Alinah, Shotzs, Jerrek, Kiosin, Ciel and Aza are not allowed to compete in this event.

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