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Hika Ri

Joined: 10 Nov 2018

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re: App: Hika Ri

The application submitted by Hika Ri is as follows:

Name : Hika Ri
Game : Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Server : Odin (EU)
Level : 70
Gender : Female
Race : Miqo\'te
Pri. Class : White Mage
Sec. Class : Paladin

The information filled in this application is public. Due to privacy reasons we recommend the use of a first name only or alias. For this same reason, providing your location is optional. An indication of which country you reside in is preferable.





As we appreciate the social nature of our members we ask you to briefly introduce yourself to us in approximately 5 lines::
Hello ! I just came back from a long break. I used to play this game from official ARR launch until HW, where i played a little then quit for personnal life.

I play on EU server because of schedule reason. My goal is to raid, currently just got my Suza wep, and learning Alpha 1 savage.

I like being part of a well organised FC. I don't like drama... getting too old for this hehe.. worst can happen with me is i just close my ears and eyes and i play it cool. I don't make any waves. You will not have any issues with me.

In raiding progression... i wish to be part of a static. But that's fine if there is no oppening at the moment. I have tank and heal jobs available. I don't rage and i am very patient. I have decent communication skills and have much respect with teammates or FC friends.

To me, it's more fun to feel the endgame acheivements with friends. I'd rather progress slower with friends than clear faster with random people. I like to be part of a team :P

Excelcius is a multi-gaming community in which friendship and playing together is valued deeply.

As such we appreciate new members sharing with us a few details in regards to their general gaming interests, as well as their favorite activities in the title(s) currently applying for.

I'm currently applying for the following game(s)::
FinalFantasy XIVARR

My preferred playstyle (e.g. DPS, Tank and/or Healer for MMO's)::
I main heal and tank.

My preferred gamestyle (e.g. PvE, PvP or both for MMO's)::
PvE all the way.

I am interested in endgame PvE content (Raiding)::

I am willing to use voice communication (mandatory for endgame content)::

Current experience (please describe any content which you have thus far completed and you believe is relevant to your application)::
I am in last endgame content.. cleared Suza, got her weps.. now i am learning Alpha savage 1

We appreciate each and every individual showing interest in signing up with our community.

In order to help us provide you a better experience as well as keep the recruitment process as smooth as possible we'd like to ask you a few additional questions.

Where did you first hear about Excelcius::

Why do you want to join Excelcius::
Was looking for a well organised FC in Odin

Lastly we'd like to ask you to give us an impression of availability. This information will help us determine suitable days for scheduling guild events.

After submitting this application it will be posted on our Applications subforum. In your topic you may follow the progress of your application. If we have any additional questions for you we will ask them there.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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re: APPROVED - App: Hika Ri - by Mewchi


Meowdy Ben!

Thank you for the very nice application which i'll gladly accept. To my knowledge there arent any raid groups currently looking for members but i'm not 100% about that, i'm sure we'll get you fixed up.:3

You can PM Kiosin, Slives, me or any of our elder ranks to get an invite, i'll also keep an eye out for if I happen to spot you online.;3

Welcome to Excelcius!


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re: APPROVED - App: Hika Ri - by Mewchi


No response in several days appears to be in Mi6 now will go ahead and decline this overall.

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