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re: App: AceGX

The application submitted by AceGX is as follows:

Name : Caliber Steel
Game : Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Server : Odin (EU)
Level : 17
Gender : Male
Race : Miqo\'te
Pri. Class : Gladiator
Sec. Class : Dark Knight

The information filled in this application is public. Due to privacy reasons we recommend the use of a first name only or alias. For this same reason, providing your location is optional. An indication of which country you reside in is preferable.



My house


As we appreciate the social nature of our members we ask you to briefly introduce yourself to us in approximately 5 lines::
Dawmn 5 whole lines ? Thats tons dude or dudette. Well I just saw someone walking with an ExG tag and thought it looked cool so I tried to join. I am a returning player I would like to join a guild to have fun and meet new people. Its always fun playing with other people.
I want to believe I am fun and nice to hang around. I hope this is 18+ cause I tend to use inappropriate language sometimes makes things funnier. I think laughing is the best thing after chips with cheese.

Excelcius is a multi-gaming community in which friendship and playing together is valued deeply.

As such we appreciate new members sharing with us a few details in regards to their general gaming interests, as well as their favorite activities in the title(s) currently applying for.

I'm currently applying for the following game(s)::
FinalFantasy XIVARR

I have previously been a member of the following guild(s)::
Shhh I cant tell. But if I have to you can ask me and I will tell you :D

My preferred playstyle (e.g. DPS, Tank and/or Healer for MMO's)::
Preferably tank.

My preferred gamestyle (e.g. PvE, PvP or both for MMO's)::
Pve and I would love to raid at somepoint :D

I am interested in endgame PvE content (Raiding)::

I am willing to use voice communication (mandatory for endgame content)::

Current experience (please describe any content which you have thus far completed and you believe is relevant to your application)::
I have killed that tentacle eye guy and we couldn't kill the irritating woman with the switcheroo skill. I am not good with names as you can tell. Hopefully I can find a group to kill moar stuff that need killing

We appreciate each and every individual showing interest in signing up with our community.

In order to help us provide you a better experience as well as keep the recruitment process as smooth as possible we'd like to ask you a few additional questions.

Where did you first hear about Excelcius::
Saw somwone walking with Exg. I think it looks cool

Why do you want to join Excelcius::
Dunno tbh. Just people to play with its more fun

Is there anything extra you may wish to share with us on this application::
Hmmmm I have nothing extra on me 5 fingers on each hand 2 eyes a nose 2 ears. Nothing extra. Does that mean I am out ?

Lastly we'd like to ask you to give us an impression of availability. This information will help us determine suitable days for scheduling guild events.

After submitting this application it will be posted on our Applications subforum. In your topic you may follow the progress of your application. If we have any additional questions for you we will ask them there.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Don\'t Know
Tuesday -> Don\'t Know
Wednesday -> Don\'t Know
Thursday -> Don\'t Know
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Always

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re: APPROVED - App: AceGX - by KioHibiki


Spoke to at length in-game to cover some of the lacking information. Will accept on behalf of the FC and sort application shortly in-game. Welcome to ExG

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