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re: New "Spoiler Free" Rules!


Greetings ladies and gentlemen! With the recent release of Stormblood, the Officer team put in place a “No Spoiler” rule into effect upon the Free Company / Discord general channels. This was met with a positive reaction from the community, however there has been some confusion with regards to what exactly is a spoiler?


With this is mind, we have decided to do a formal write up of what exactly is considered a spoiler, and what is allowed to be discussed in general chat channels and what is not.


In future Main Scenario expansion patches these new rules will be in effect for 7 days when the content is released.



What is considered a spoiler (should not be discussed):


  1. Main Scenario Quests - Content within main scenario quests such as plot points / dialog and text / cutscenes and any new characters introduced during the main scenario

  2. Main Scenario Dungeons - Any dungeon that is a plot point during the Main Scenario i.e Snowcloak / Ala Mhigo - In Dungeon Content / Boss Mechanics  

  3. Primals - Story Mode Primal Mechanics

  4. If members wish to discuss spoiler tagged content, please us the #spoilers_only channel in Discord


What is not considered a spoiler (can be freely discussed):


  1. Side Quests -  All side quests and optional quests i.e Hilldabrand

  2. Side Quests - Dungeons - Any dungeon that is not part of the Main Scenario i.e Temple of the Fist / Kugane Castle

  3. Primals - Side Chain Primals i.e The Warring Triad

  4. Raids - Both 8 Man and 24 Man variants

  5. Main Scenario - Quest Names

  6. Map Location Names.



Obviously we encourage members not to give too much away when discussing non-spoiler tagged content in order to keep others happy and allow them to experience the content for themselves.


From time to time however members may let slip about certain spoiler tagged content, we all do it. In the event of the inevitable we have set up the following protocols to deal with it.


What to do in the event of spoilers in general chat?:


  1. Politely remind offender that the “Spoiler Free” rules are in effect, and direct them to this post.

  2. Direct them to the #spoilers_only channel in Discord.

  3. If offender keeps repeating, please inform an Officer who will privately speak with them.

  4. Please do not /tell offenders. Keep everything in Free Company Chat or the general discussion on Discord.



While it is important that all members understand and uphold these spoiler rules. The officer team will not tolerate harassment and aggression towards other members who break these rules.



As always we are open to suggestions from members if you feel we have missed anything :)




-The Officer Team

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