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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 18:39:49    Post subject: wish to come back :(

wont send me my password reset link want to come back. been so lonely! (NETHALOS)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:03:28    Post subject:

Will do Fornix, I'm currently awaiting Shotz's recovery period before going through this with him as he can't get to his PC at the current moment.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:32:45    Post subject:

The Website itself will be removed, being replaced purely with a splash page with a link to our currently running Discord.


Send me or Jose an IM when you want this to be changed. If you like I can also just completely pass through the URL to the discord channel if you like, skipping a splash page if you wish as well.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:40:52    Post subject: November - December Updates

Welcome all to the first monthly update post, this will be used to keep our members informed of all future changes - events and general banter. Look forward to a multitude of changes within FC structure along with many new events coming soon.

Future Discord and Website changes:

To go over this, for months the Website has not been generating enough traffic to keep it in use. Currently it has been purely used as a means to accept applications and co-ordinate events. Since moving to Discord after our long run with other V/O programs a lot of the information and events have also been moved onto the new platform. 

Over the next month both the website and Discord will be seeing significant changes in how it functions and operates particularity in how we handle all current - returning and all future applications for the FC. The Website itself will be removed, being replaced purely with a splash page with a link to our currently running Discord. This will free up existing funds from the website, these funds will be used elsewhere within to improve experiences for all of our members.

With the addition of Discord being now used as our primary platform, we will be adding in several new channels and ranks to facilitate recruitment as well and a new system to accept members into our ranks.  Elders and above will soon see a new recruitment channel which will contain a new upcoming rank of prospects/applications to help better co-ordinate applications as waiting days on end to get new members in is less than suitable for an FC as old as we currently are.

To this end the Officers and Elders are currently looking into improving the experience of Discord for all our members as many have been calling for us to consider using Discord Nitro for the future, note these matters have been discussed previously and we are working on a solution to bring further aspects such as this to all our current and future members. 


FC and future events:

Given the future Data center split coming during the 4.5 Patch portions Excelcius will firmly remain within the new Data center of Light, of course our members are free to venture back to Chaos should they wish nothing will be held against them. As it stands we now have four active raid teams with room for more groups being created in the future. All members of current raid groups not already within the future Light Bracket of the Data center are more than welcome to come over to Light - Odin and join our ranks, all will be welcomed with open arms into the fray. 

Xmas Event!

With Christmas less than a month away, the Elders and Officers will be putting together a Secret Santa event. This is to be held sometime during the middle of December (Date still pending but most likely during the second week for reference) for everyone interested in just kicking back and having fun together in-game and over Discord. - To facilitate this, there will be a sign-up sheet linked within our Discord channel and here on the forum for all those interested. Once we have a good idea in terms of interest we will move forward with the second phase of this event. - Included with this event will be an Xmas themed glamour show, so for all you budding screenshot masters please feel free to let loose and show us exactly what you can do! - Future events will also include a sign-up sheet in order for the Elders and above to gauge interest with the current events on offer, if you yourself have an idea for an event that you would love to see the FC put together please bring it to our attention! be sure to bring a friend and enjoy some light fun (Who knows maybe Slivez will start singing)


Wrap up: - So to wrap up on all this news this is the future plans for the FC over the next month. Look forward to the changes and the end on December for future information coming into the new year.


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