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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:35:58    Post subject: FC Event, Hide and Seek Round 2!

FC Event: Hide and Seek! 18/6 until 25/6 2018.

A return to last years Hide and Seek event, this time around we'll be taking an entire week to give people enough time to compete and complete the whole host of area's myself and the elders have put together. Starting from Monday 8 pm BST we'll be posting a series of 15 Images within the Events tab of Discord for people to recreate at their leisure. Participants will have until the following Monday at 8 pm BST to submit all images supplied 

Myself and the Elder team will choose random spots in Eorzea where we will take a screenshot with no interface. The idea of this event is for the players that are participating to find these locations throughout the world of Eorzea. Once they have found the location they believe to be correct they will have to re-create the original screenshot. These will be judged on accuracy of location, the angle of the camera, time of day and emote. With a maximum of 4 points per photo, Note that some images may not include a pose within them, these images will then have a maximum of 3 points 


  • Winning prize.

    • 1st. 5mil Gil and a Mogstation Item of winners choosing. (Up to the price of a mount based on region)

    • 2nd. 3mil Gil and a Byakko Barding along with Byakko Pet to match.

    • 3rd. 1mil Gil and a choice between Byakko Barding or Byakko Pet.



1. Find the spot and recreate it!
2. Pictures will be judged on accuracy of location, angle of camera, time of day and emote. (common emotes are used) If a criteria is met you get 1 point.
3. Screenshots can be in any location throughout ARR/Heavensward and Stormblood 
4. The areas are CAN BE in instances, dungeons, housing(area), MSQ, quests, and so on.
5. /gpose is allowed, no frames, no status, no color filter or screen effect. Lightning is accepted.
6. Every area is to be accessible from through normals ways, no hacks.
7. No helping or saying where a spot is, if caught you’ll be disqualified.



Tie Breakers!

 In the event of multiple people scoring an equal amount of points, we'll move into a tiebreaker round. This will consist of some of the hardest locations that have not already been supplied in the Events tab. Participants will have a limited time to re-create these images as perfectly as possible in order to score the maximum amount of points to win. 


An Example of judging:


1.The picture to recreate. 

The Black Shroud - South Shroud - Lower Paths - X18.6 / Y: 39.8  - Pose: Psych  - Time of Day: Evening




2. Recreation.


By our scoring system, this recreation would score 1 point out of a total 4. This is due to


The location has been correctly found.

The pose is incorrect.

This time of day is incorrect

The angle is not correct

Total: 1 point



Further Examples:



1. The picture to recreate.  

La Noscea - Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore - Costa del Sol X:34.2 / Y:31.8 - Pose Rally - Time - Afternoon




2. Recreation.                        


By our scoring system, this recreation would score 3 points out of a total 4. This is due to


The location has been correctly found.

The pose is incorrect.

This time of day is correct

The angle is correct

Total: 3 point






To submit images towards this event it has been decided that participants are to send all recreations they wish to submit to Kiosin Hibiki over Discord PM system, this is to make it easier for the judges to exchange and vote of your image as quickly as possible. It is highly appreciated if you could place them in a folder beforehand for ease of movement.  Judging will take place through the week of the 25th and winners will be announced on Discord/Ingame and on this forum the following Friday the 29th.  - Anything not relating to the event posted by participants to Kiosin Hibiki (Troll posts) will be met with immediate disqualification 


We wish you all the best in this endeavor, so get out there and get hunting!


The Eventholders/Judges: Kiosin, Aza, Alyx, Menchi, Slivez, Niah are not allowed to compete in this event.

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