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Happy Patch Day

by KioHibiki, 160 days ago

With Ultimate Weapon Ultimate (UwU) now in full swing, it's nice to take some time to relax with the guys and gals that make this game such a great experience for all of us. Here's to many future events and boss kills, look out for the latest event the return of Hide and Seek to come soon!  - Picture Supplied by Wintry Day (Odin) 


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About Excelcius
Excelcius is a gaming community which revolves around friendship, fun and entertainment. In that its founding members have built up a rich gaming history together. Several of them have even been sharing their gaming experience for half a decade and lasting friendships have been formed. As our circle of friends kept growing larger, we have set up this initiative to form a lasting community!

As members of Excelcius we do not thrive to play mediocre at best. When we do something, we seek to give it our all. Which can range from performing in endgame raiding, seeking to become the wealthiest player dominating auction houses or leading the charts in multiplayer titles. We will however never expect our members, our friends, to sacrifice their real life duties and priorities over our gaming goals.

Lastly, we are always looking for more like-minded players who would wish to join our community. If you are looking for the same thing, do not hesitate to apply to Excelcius!
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